What is underwriting?


Underwriting is a means to financially support the ministry of The Message…For You, through your business, non-profit organization, or church on a short or long-term basis.


What do I receive as a result of my support of The Message...For You?

All underwriters receive announcements on the radio as a result of their support. The number of announcements is dependent on the level of contribution and the length of the agreement. The benefits of underwriting are available for non-profit organizations and commercial businesses alike. 


This sounds a lot like advertising, is it?

No and yes. In the strictest sense, underwriting announcements are not advertising but, they achieve similar, if not better, results for those who wish to use them to market a product or service.  The Message…For You announcements are designed to provide listeners valuable information about your business or organization. No screaming salesmen, no heavy handedness, and we don’t tell people what to do. We give listeners information that they use and act upon.


What’s the main difference between supporting the ministry as a non-profit vs. a for-profit organization?

The wording of the announcements you receive as a result of your support. The FCC regulates what non-commercial radio stations can say about commercial businesses in their announcements. Over the years, we have become experts on how to write non-profit radio announcements that meet your marketing and ministry goals as well as ours. Tax exempt, 501 (c) (3), non-profit organizations (churches, most ministries, etc.) have a different opportunity as it relates to supporting non-commercial radio. Non-profit announcements sound very much like what you might hear on a commercial radio station.


Do my announcements work on The Message…For You work?

Yes, Radio listeners today (especially our listeners) are smart, well informed people who, in most cases, don’t have the time or inclination to sit through the same old sales pitches heard on other radio stations. They listen to The Message…For You specifically because we’re different. We offer underwriters the opportunity to speak directly to one of the most loyal and dedicated groups of radio listeners on the planet. Additionally, as a primarily listener supported radio ministry, our patrons often seek out opportunities to support the organizations and businesses that support us as another means of supporting the station they love.


Contact Patrick Miller for more info on how your business can partner with The Message…For You at patrick@themessage.fm