The walls of protection and provision that God placed in our world have been destroyed and torn down by our culture. Much like in Nehemiah’s day, it’s time we took a stand to Re-build the Wall to protect our cities and communities from a world that seems to be walking away from the things of God.

June 25, we will be announcing the your opportunity to cement your legacy and symbolically say to the Lord that you want to be one of the Wall-Builders to help keep the Message of hope going strong.

You can help to lay a strong foundation with your personalized brick in The Message For You Wall of Faith for a $500 gift. Visitors will remember your generous support of The Message every time they enter the The Message For You Ministry Headquarters. But more importantly, your legacy of hope begins when you decide how you wish to display the name of your family, business, organization, or church. Your investment of $500 into Re-building this wall of protection and provision in our community by supporting The Message For You will allow you to be one of only 100 engraved bricks in the Wall of Faith. Additional bricks will not be added to this unique Gratitude Wall once this campaign ends. Limited space is available.

To reserve your place on the Wall and make a difference with your gift of support, click the button!